About Us

The HENKADA JUDO CLUB started in 1958 from a garage in River Road, Hamilton.

The founder was Mr. Henk Franken, a Dutch immigrant to New Zealand, hence the name "Henk"ada, the way of Henk.

The club is an incorporated society run by a committee of interested players and parents. Over the years the club has produced many black belts and players who have been NZ representatives.

Judo (柔道), meaning ‘gentle way’ is a modern Japanese martial art and combat sport it is practiced in over 200 countries and is an Olympic and Commonwealth Games sport.

Its most prominent feature is its competitive element, where the aim is to throw one’s opponent to the ground, immobilize or otherwise subdue one’s opponent with a grappling maneuver, or force a submission by using armlocks or a stranglehold.

Various aspects of judo principles and training methods promote attributes and skills helpful in self defence.

Henkada Judo club is suited to Judo players of all levels. Some of our members participate at national and international competitive levels, while some only for recreational purposes at the club.

Our club is an incorporated society duly registered at the Incorporated Society register under NZBN 9429043013487. 

Henkada is affiliated with JudoNZ, the governing body responsible for overseeing and regulating clubs across New Zealand. 

Here are our board members elected in our last AGM happened in December 2022. 

Mark Nasmith 2nd Dan
President and Coach
Ockert Steyn
Ockert Steyn 3rd Dan
Vice-President and Coach
James Penman 1st Dan
Megan Scott
Megan Scott
Derek Maggs
Derek Maggs 6th Dan
Honorary Head Coach
Mauricio Kimura 1st Dan